Jeff Taylor

Jeff brings over 40 years of building and renovation experience to your home inspection. His skill set and experience includes carpenter, construction foreman, licensed builder, general contractor and owner of residential construction companies in BC and Alberta. Jeff also designed the houses his companies built using computer automated design software.

Not only does Jeff have a detailed understanding of proper construction methods and practices, together with his experience with major renovation projections, but provides the critical understanding of what can go wrong when proper construction practices are not followed. His building experience compliments the additional training required for licensed home inspectors in BC and his home inspection experience.


1. HIABC membership and training

The Home Inspectors Association of BC is one of Canada’s premier home inspector associations. It’s membership requirements for admission exceed the BC governments licensing requirements for home inspectors for the province. While the BC government requires 50 hours of on-site practical training with a licensed inspector, the practical training sessions required for admission to the HIABC exceed the BC government required minimum practical training by an additional 25 hours.

The HIABC also requires that 75% of the practical training is done in a structured group training setting conducted by senior training inspectors approved by the HIABC. In addition, after completing group training and being approved a trainee must also pass a peer review inspection conducted by senior HIABC inspectors. Most candidates participate in approximately 100 hours of practical group training prior to addressing the peer review. Additional training throughout each year is required by the HIABC to maintain an inspector in good standing with the association. The HIABC also provides ongoing support and information to keep its membership current on issues affecting home inspections. Please refer to the HIABC website at to learn how the HIABC promotes and supports quality home inspections.


2. Quality reporting software

A high-quality inspection report that is easy to download is the final deliverable of every home inspection. Homes4All Home Inspections Ltd. uses the Horizon home inspection reporting software to provide our clients with well organized, easy to understand, quality home inspection reports. The Horizon software was developed and is maintained by Carson Dunlop, Canada's oldest and largest home inspection company with over 40 years experience in the field.

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